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  Quality Care Pharmacy Program

(QCPP) Schedule 2/3 training



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    Available courses

    00 Community Pharmacy Home Page

    01 Community Pharmacy Courses

    02 Community Pharmacy Certificate 2 Home Page

    03 Community Pharmacy Certificate 3 Home Page

    04 Community Pharmacy Certificate 4 Home Page

    05 Community Pharmacy Time Zone Home Page

    08 Operate in a Community Pharmacy Framework

    17 Assist Customers Seeking Oral Care Products

    20 Pierce Ears

    24 Respond Effectively to Difficult or Challenging Behaviour

    25 Accept Prescriptions and Return Dispensed Medicines to Customers

    27 Assist Customers Seeking to Relieve Common Allergic Symptom Reactions

    28 Assist Customers with Analgesic and Anti Inflammatory Products

    29 Assist Customers Seeking to Relieve Cough and Cold Symptoms

    30 Assist Customers Seeking Relief from Gastro Intestinal Conditions

    31 Assist Customers Seeking to Relieve Skin and Fungal Conditions

    32 Apply Point of Sale Handling Procedures

    33 Interact with Customers

    34 Organise and Maintain Work Areas

    35 Communicate in the Workplace to Support Team and Customer Outcomes

    36 Work Effectively in a Customer Service Environment

    37 Perform Stock Control Procedures

    38 Apply Safe Work Practices

    39 Minimise Loss

    40 Comply with Infection Control Policies and Procedures

    41 Assist Customers Seeking Eye and Ear Products

    42 Assist Customers Seeking First Aid and Wound Care Products

    43 Assist in Managing Pharmacy Medicines and Pharmacist Only Medicines

    44 Advise on Asthma Management

    45 Advise on Smoking Cessation

    46 Merchandise Products

    47 Sell Products and Services

    48 Maintain and Order Stock

    49 Provide Work Skill Instructions

    52 Lead and Manage People

    53 Maintain Store Safety

    54 Co-ordinate Interaction with Customers

    55 Test Blood Pressure and Advise on Self Monitoring

    56 Assist in Preparing Dose Administration Aids

    60 Advise on Complementary Medicines

    61 Advise on Diet Nutrition and Weight Management Products and Services

    62 Recruit and Select Personnel

    63 Mentor in the Workplace

    Support the Supply of Pharmacy Medicines and Pharmacist Only Medicines

    Support the Supply of Pharmacy Medicines and Pharmacist Only Medicines

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